If you’re the typical Harbor Counseling Associates client, then you’re probably a “normal person with normal life problems.”

You’ve discovered that, despite your best efforts and intentions, you’ve run up against a roadblock in your attempts to define or address your problem or issue.  You’ve come to the conclusion that going it alone is not working for you.

Some of you are comfortable with the idea of asking for help from a trained professional.  Certainly, many of you have had previous experience in counseling or therapy.

Others may find the prospect of talking about important and troublesome details of your life intimidating, embarrassing and maybe even shameful.  In either case, you can trust that at Harbor Counseling Associates you’ll be treated with kindness, respect and understanding.

You will be LISTENED TO and you will be HEARD

Many of our clients, particularly those struggling with addictive issues, have been secretly troubled for a long time.  They’ve tried to figure “it” out on their own and all they’ve figured out, finally, is that the problem just keeps getting worse and the consequences more costly.

They cover up. They minimize. They deny. They lie.

Finally, when all their strategies prove fruitless and they and those around them are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” they become ready to ask for, and, hopefully, accept help.

When this moment of awareness and willingness occurs, we’re ready and able to offer expert assistance in stopping the damage and building new frameworks for Living Sober.