Over 45 years of experience, study and training have allowed us to develop a range of skills and techniques specific to the treatment models which we utilize as we define, understand and address our clients’ problems.

We do not adhere to a “One Size Fits All” philosophy.  Rather, we meet with our clients and listen very carefully.  We come to understand the struggles, conflicts and dilemmas that the client brings and, based on that understanding, we begin a focused, collaborative effort to solve problems in a way that is specific to the client’s skills, strengths, resources and wishes.

Likewise, the style, pace, rhythm and tenor of the therapy will vary from client to client.  Some clients require a gentle, patient, nurturant framework in which to do the work of therapy.

Others respond better to a more directive and actively guided approach.

In any case, we strive to meet and understand the client where he/she is and create treatment strategies that work, based on the client’s capacities.

Our work is based on mutual, respectful collaboration between motivated, committed individuals who recognize that going it alone is not the answer.

We define the problem, work out strategies for solution, and work together toward the goal of resolution and a happier and more functional way of being.