Do alcoholics ever QUIT alcohol?

Many years ago I asked a group of therapists and counselors, all working in the addiction/recovery field, if they believed that at least some percentage of their clients, as a direct or indirect result of therapy, gave up alcohol or their drug of choice. Met, not for the first time that day with stares of [...]

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The Red Flag

The Red-Flag Conundrum: To Deal or Not to Deal Week after week, year after year, clients show up to discuss marriages that are breaking down or, whether they realize it or not, have already irreversibly broken down.  They are sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, often blaming themselves or their spouses for a process that began well [...]

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What to expect from therapy

Most people come to therapists or counselors looking for relief. These individuals have identified areas of concern that get in the way of their happiness, freedom from worry, and overall state of mind. Often, but not always, the prospective client has a pretty clear idea about what it is, specifically or in more general terms, [...]

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