Do alcoholics LIKE alcohol?

About 20 years ago, speaking to a group of addiction counselors assembled at a national conference on addiction, I asked this question. I was met with incredulous stares and virtually everyone in the room raised their hands affirming their belief that alcoholics like alcohol.  What other answer could there possibly be? They were somewhat surprised [...]

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The Red Flag

The Red-Flag Conundrum: To Deal or Not to Deal Week after week, year after year, clients show up to discuss marriages that are breaking down or, whether they realize it or not, have already irreversibly broken down.  They are sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, often blaming themselves or their spouses for a process that began well [...]

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AA works

Since its birth in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of afflicted individuals achieve lasting and rewarding sobriety. Still, many more millions of their family members, friends and associates have achieved freedom and relief from the chaos and pain associated with the disease that touched their lives through their connection to the alcoholic. To say [...]

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